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How to Look Your Best In Your Wedding Portraits

Posing is an art. But understandably it's an art that a lot of couples are nervous about, and sadly that a lot of so-called "professional" photographers actually don't know how to direct correctly.

So if you happen to have a photographer who doesn't know how to pose you with expertise and intention, what are a few things you should remember? Here are a few pointers.

I call these THE FOUNDATIONS of posing:

Start from the bottom and work your way up: A photographer that has mastered posing will not get overwhelmed by trying to create something amazing and different everytime. Posing is organic and magic happens every time we go with the flow. Your photographer just needs to be intentional with going through the motions and not just winging it while hoping for the best.

Imaginary String: First off you want to ensure that your spine is straight, but NOT stiff and unnatural. I often ask my couples to act as if there is a string on the back/top of their head pull up. Have a straight spine and natural curve in you lumbar (lower back).

Shoulders: Push your shoulders 1 inch back. This will further bring confidence and beauty in your pose.

Weight Distribution: You want your weight distribution to be uneven or else your pose will look unnatural. There are two ways to do this. Either cross one leg over the other or put more weight on your back leg. Look at the photo here. Each of these techniques were used on this photo of April.

These tips will help you avoid cheesy and fake looking photos!

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