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The Correct Way to Walk in Front of the Camera

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

Remember how I talked about weight distribution for your portraits?

It's the same thing for walking. If you walk normally, it's possible your portraits could look like a penguin walking.

So for the camera, what you want to do is walk as if you are walking on a straight line under you. This will change the weight distribution in your hips making it look much more flattering in the portrait.

You also want to forget about the photographer while you are doing your slow walk. Take this time to connect with each other. Tell each other sweet nothings or something funny. Love each other as much as you can for your 5 min. walk!

What do you do with your hands? Hold hands and with the other...

Girls grab your dress, lightly hold your hair and there is nothing wrong with throwing your hand on your hip or letting it be random.

Guys throw your hand in your pocket, use your free hand to put on your holding hand or let it be random.

Having intention will add confidence and translate to beautiful photography.

Look at the portrait there! These are the exact techniques I had Kristin and Phil do.

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