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Posing Your Hands and Eyes

I could write a book on how to pose hands and eyes... it's the photographers job to not just "memorize" poses, but to learn how to "build" a pose for our brides and grooms. But here a few pointers so you'll know what to do on your wedding day.

Cigarette Pose The hands and arms can be used to lead attention to the right places. With this cigarette pose (looks like she's holding a cigarette almost), it leads the viewers attention towards Chelsea's face, but is also very natural and beautiful. With her other arm we could either make it out of sight behind her, or where it is across her waste also looks very natural.

Holding Something When you hold something it naturally gives your hands something to do, but also brings attention to that object. Often I will have my brides hold their dress which also is a beautiful way to lead attention and show it off. Combine this technique with a cigarette pose for a beautiful look. You can place one or two hands at the waist. Having your elbow at more than a 90 degree angle gives a more elegant pose than having it at 90 degrees or more.

Avoiding the "Floating Head" Photographers who don't know how to pose the hands and arms often give brides and grooms what is called the floating head (what you don't want). It's when you have a close up shot of the face, but no hands and arms in the photo.You can use hands and fingers to lead attention to where you want with a close up. In this portrait I wanted to lead attention to Chelsea's eyes and lips. So I gently directed her hands naturally in this position. As you can see, this portrait does not look forced or rigid even though the hands are in a place that you would not expect. This can enhance a close up portrait in a really beautiful way.

Posing the Eyes So where should you look? Where you look can dramatically change the feel of the portrait. No matter where you look, you want to avoid only seeing the "white" part of your eye. In the portrait of Chelsea, I had her pay very close attention to the movement in the camera... Why? When you focus on something very hard, it triggers the Parietal Lobe in the brain. This brings out a VERY captivating look in the eyes.

Did you know there is a way you should walk in front of the camera? Stay tuned!

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